ORS 675.580
Confidentiality of communication by client

  • exceptions


A regulated social worker or any employee of the regulated social worker may not disclose any communication given by a client in the course of noninvestigatory professional activity when the communication was given to enable the regulated social worker to aid the client, except when:


The client or a person legally responsible for the client’s affairs gives consent to the disclosure;


The client initiates legal action or makes a complaint against the regulated social worker to the State Board of Licensed Social Workers;


The board requests the information as part of an investigation or proceeding;


The communication reveals a clear intent to commit a crime that reasonably is expected to result in physical injury to a person;


The communication reveals that a minor was the victim of a crime, abuse or neglect;


Disclosure of the communication is necessary to obtain further professional assistance for the client; or


Disclosure of the communication is otherwise required by ORS 124.060 (Duty of officials to report), 419B.010 (Duty of officials to report child abuse) or 430.765 (Duty of officials to report abuse).


Nothing in this section is intended to prevent a regulated social worker who is a public employee from disclosing communications from a client when the disclosure is made in the performance of the regulated social worker’s duty as a public employee and the public employer has determined that the disclosure is necessary in the performance of the duty of the regulated social worker as a public employee. [1977 c.677 §10; 1979 c.769 §9; 1989 c.721 §37; 1997 c.381 §5; 2009 c.442 §17]


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