Utility Regulation Generally

ORS 757.646
Policies to eliminate barriers to competitive retail market

  • code of conduct for electric companies
  • rules


The duties, functions and powers of the Public Utility Commission shall include developing policies to eliminate barriers to the development of a competitive retail market between electricity service suppliers and electric companies. The policies shall be designed to mitigate the vertical and horizontal market power of incumbent electric companies and prohibit preferential treatment, or the appearance of such treatment, by the incumbent electric companies toward generation or market affiliates. The commission may require an electric company acting as an electricity service supplier do so through an affiliate.


The commission shall establish by rule a code of conduct for electric companies and their affiliates to protect against market abuses and anticompetitive practices. The code shall, at a minimum:


Require an electric company and any affiliate that shares the same name and logo to disclose to all consumers the relationship between the company and affiliate and to clarify that the affiliate is not the same as the electric company and that in order to receive service from the company a consumer does not have to purchase the services of the affiliate;


Prohibit preferential access by an electric company affiliate to confidential consumer information;


Minimize cross-subsidization between competitive operations and regulated operations, including the use of electric company personnel and other resources;


Prohibit joint marketing activities and exclusive referral arrangements between an electric company and its affiliates;


Provide the commission with all necessary access to books and records;


Require electric companies to make regular compliance filings; and


Require fair treatment of all competitors by a distribution utility.


An electric company shall provide the commission access to all books and records necessary for the commission to monitor the electric company and its affiliate relationships. The commission shall require an electric company biannually to file a report detailing compliance with this subsection.


Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, the commission shall ensure that policies developed to mitigate the vertical and horizontal market power of incumbent electric companies do not limit or delay electric companies from offering programs or services or making prudent investments in furtherance of the clean energy targets established by ORS 469A.410 (Clean energy targets) or a program established under ORS 757.603 (Electric company required to provide cost-of-service rate option to all retail electricity consumers) (5), or that otherwise aid in reducing statewide emissions of greenhouse gases consistent with state policies, including ORS 283.398 (Findings and goals for zero-emission vehicles) and 468A.205 (Policy). [1999 c.865 §6; 2001 c.683 §18; 2021 c.508 §23]


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