Utility Regulation Generally

ORS 757.663
Commission authority to require electric company to enter into contracts with Bonneville Power Administration

In order to preserve the benefits of federal low-cost power for residential and small-farm consumers of electric utilities, the Public Utility Commission may require an electric company to enter into contracts with the Bonneville Power Administration for the purpose of securing such benefits. The contracts shall be subject to approval by the commission. In reviewing a contract, the commission, at a minimum, shall consider:


The short-term expected cost of electric power from the Bonneville Power Administration compared to market-priced alternatives;


The long-term benefit of retaining the rights to purchase electric power from the Bonneville Power Administration at cost, compared to market-priced alternatives; and


Other factors deemed relevant by the commission. [1999 c.865 §19]
Chapter 757

Notes of Decisions

Under regulatory scheme, Public Utility Commissioner has authority to promulgate rule limiting telephone company's liability for directory listing errors or omissions. Garrison v. Pacific NW Bell, 45 Or App 523, 608 P2d 1206 (1980)

Refund is proper exercise of Public Utility Commission's general powers if refund (1) is based only on information in existence at time of rate order for which refund is being made; (2) is not based on evaluation of public utility's actual expenses or revenues; and (3) is not effectuated by offsetting future rates. Gearhart v. Public Utility Commission, 255 Or App 58, 299 P3d 533 (2013), aff'd 356 Or 216, 339 P3d 904 (2014)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authority of Governor and Public Utility Commissioner to enter into binding agreements with respect to uniform curtailment plans, (1977) Vol 38, p 861


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