Vehicle Title and Registration

ORS 803.010
Proof of ownership

A certificate of title is prima facie evidence of the ownership of a vehicle or of an interest therein. In all actions, suits or criminal proceedings, when the title to or right of possession of any vehicle is involved, proof of the ownership or right to possession shall be made by means of:


The original certificate of title issued by the Department of Transportation;


A salvage title certificate issued by the department; or


The department records as provided under ORS 802.240 (Driver and vehicle records as evidence). [1983 c.338 §174; 1991 c.873 §29]

Notes of Decisions

"Proof" of ownership or right of possession refers to prima facie proof and does not exclude establishing proof by other than listed means. State v. Tarpley, 157 Or App 693, 972 P2d 1201 (1998), Sup Ct review denied

Chapter 803

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application of Article XI, section 11b of Oregon Constitution to fees imposed under this chapter, (1991) Vol 46, p 447


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