Vehicle Title and Registration

ORS 803.325
Purchase and use of out-of-state registered vehicle

  • requirements
  • penalty


A person commits the offense of purchase and use of an out-of-state registered vehicle by a resident if the person is a resident of this state and the person purchases a vehicle registered outside of this state without doing all of the following:


Upon purchase, the person shall remove the registration plates and shall cause the vehicle to be registered as provided under the vehicle code or under ORS chapter 826, as appropriate, for vehicles owned by residents of this state.


The person shall not use, within this state, the vehicle except when the person has paid fees and has complied with the vehicle code or with ORS chapter 826, as appropriate.


The offense described in this section, purchase and use of out-of-state registered vehicle by resident, is a Class D traffic violation. [1983 c.338 §209; 1985 c.16 §77; 1991 c.407 §24; 1995 c.383 §39]
Chapter 803

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application of Article XI, section 11b of Oregon Constitution to fees imposed under this chapter, (1991) Vol 46, p 447


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