Vehicle Title and Registration

ORS 803.200

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This section establishes when the exemptions under ORS 803.030 (Exemptions from title requirement) and 803.305 (Exemptions from general registration requirements) from titling and registration of vehicles owned by nonresidents are applicable. The applicability of the described exemptions for nonresident owners of vehicles is subject to all of the following:


A person is a resident of this state for purposes of titling and registering vehicles if the person engages in any gainful employment in this state or takes any action to indicate the acquiring of residence in this state during the period of sojourn in this state by doing any of the following:


Remaining in this state for a consecutive period of six months or more regardless of the domicile of the person.


Placing children in a public school without payment of nonresident tuition fees.


Making a declaration to be a resident of this state for the purpose of obtaining, at resident rates, a state license or tuition fees at an educational institution maintained by public funds.


Maintaining a main office, branch office or warehouse facilities in this state and operating motor vehicles in this state.


Operating motor vehicles in intrastate transportation for compensation or profit for other than seasonal agricultural work.


Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, private passenger motor vehicle owners who are bona fide residents of states adjoining this state shall be permitted to operate their vehicles in this state for so long as such motor vehicles remain currently registered and titled in an adjoining state.


A camper on a motor vehicle described in this section shall be subject to registration or titling under the vehicle code at the same time that such motor vehicle becomes subject to registration and titling under this section.


Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, a person who is gainfully employed in this state shall not be considered a resident of the state if the person has taken no other steps to become a resident. This subsection applies, but is not limited, to a student at an educational institution who is paying nonresident tuition rates. [1983 c.338 §198; 1993 c.751 §87]

Notes of Decisions

Where petitioner, who registered vehicles in Oregon and was vehicle collection LLC's CEO and sole member, resided in Washington but stored timber in unmaintained building without valid mailing address in Oregon, and did not use building for any purpose connected to LLC, petitioner did not "maintain . . . warehouse facilities" for purposes of this section so was not resident eligible to register vehicle in Oregon. Vroom, LLC v. Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division, 283 Or App 192, 388 P3d 379 (2016)

Chapter 803

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application of Article XI, section 11b of Oregon Constitution to fees imposed under this chapter, (1991) Vol 46, p 447


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