Vehicle Title and Registration

ORS 803.570
Plate manufacturing fee

Except as otherwise specifically provided by law, the Department of Transportation shall collect the fee described by this section each time the department issues a registration plate upon the registration of a vehicle or at other times when a registration plate is issued by the department. The following all apply to the fee established by this section:


The fee shall be in addition to any other fee collected upon issuance of a registration plate.


The fee for each registration plate issued and for each pair of plates issued shall be determined by the department and shall be established by the department by rule. The department shall establish fees for a single plate and for a pair of plates under this section by:


Determining the cost of manufacturing a single plate or a pair of plates and rounding the cost to the next higher half-dollar; and


Adding $10 for a single plate and $20 for a pair of plates. [1983 c.338 §269; 1985 c.16 §108; 2003 c.618 §48; 2009 c.865 §44]
Chapter 803

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Application of Article XI, section 11b of Oregon Constitution to fees imposed under this chapter, (1991) Vol 46, p 447


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