OAR 123-650-0100

ORS 285C.050 (Definitions for ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250) and OAR 123-001 (Procedural Rules) contain definitions used in this division of administrative rules. In addition, unless the context demands otherwise:


Census Statistical Unit includes any standard geographic area, jurisdictional entity, administrative designation, or parts of one, for which the U.S. Bureau of Census or other federal, state or institutional/academic sources issue recurring economic data, including but not limited to: County, county subdivision, city/place, census tract or census block group.


“Original enterprise zone,” as used in ORS 285C.115 (Change of zone boundaries)(2) for purposes of boundary changes, means the area within the boundary of the zone at the time when it was most recently (re-)designated, irrespective of any intervening boundary change.


Enterprise Zone Population means, based on either the latest decennial U.S. Census count or the most recently available estimate from the Portland State University Population Research Center:


For rural enterprise zones, the total population of incorporated cities, in which any part of the zone is located, plus the currently estimated population of Census Statistical Units that tightly envelope unincorporated zone areas; or


For urban enterprise zones, the currently estimated population of Census Statistical Units that tightly envelope zone areas, and it may also include any associated residential area or group of such areas proximate to the zone boundary that encompass a populace, whom the Sponsoring Government(s) explicitly intend to help through employment opportunities and relevant public or private efforts or programs in relation to the zone.


Sponsoring Government means a county, port or city designating an enterprise zone (or a district that has effectively the same governing body as the county, port or city, and that contains all of the city, port or county territory inside the proposed zone). A Sponsoring Government may be any city, port or county in Oregon, or combination of such jurisdictions as provided in OAR 123-650-0500 (Local Government Sponsorship or Consent), except as prohibited in OAR 123-650-0600 (Zones Allowed per Jurisdiction) or 123-650-4900 (Agency Determinations)(2)(c).


Terminated-by-Statute means the automatic termination of an enterprise zone by operation of law after more than 10 years under ORS 285C.245 (Termination)(2).
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