Rule Rule 123-650-4400
Documentation with Boundary Changes

The zone sponsor (including with any new cosponsor) may change the boundary of the enterprise zone under ORS 285C.115 and make submission to the Department (electronically as desired), at any time, for purposes of ORS 285C.117. The submission consists of a memorandum prepared by the sponsor with information and all applicable documentation, respective to:


Submittercontact, relevant background about the amendments, and any change in the zone name;


Identifying every current and new (co)sponsor or consenter, along with an executed copy of the resolution adopted by the governing body of each sponsoring jurisdiction according to applicable provisions of OAR 123-650-4800(2), as well as any (re-)consenting jurisdiction, consistent with the charter, by-laws or ordinances of the city, port or county;


Timely notice to local taxing districts in OAR 123-650-5300 and related matters;


Zone boundary, size and dimensions in accordance with OAR 123-650-1500;


Data, statistics and so forth on social and economic conditions for OAR 123-650-4500; and


Other issues, as necessary or appropriate, in OAR 123-650-4600.
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