OAR 123-650-4100
Documentation Pursuant to Zone Designation

Upon designation or re-designation of an enterprise zone, for purposes of ORS 285C.074 (Documentation for zone designation or redesignation to be submitted to department):


The Sponsoring Government(s) must complete a form as prescribed by and available from the Department and submit it to the Department, at Incentives – Economic Development, Business Oregon, State Lands Building Suite 200, 775 Summer Street NE, Salem OR 97301-1280, see www.oregon4biz.com, along with all applicable documentation, respective to:


Contact information and the name of the zone based on place names or common geographic terms (which if the same as a previous or terminating zone’s name will include a “II, III, IV, …” suffix, but only in the context of this submission);


Identifying the Sponsoring Governments and consenting jurisdictions for purposes of OAR 123-650-0500 (Local Government Sponsorship or Consent), and hotel/resort elections by city or county sponsors, including but not limited to enclosing or attaching an executed copy of the resolution adopted by the governing body of each Sponsoring Government according to OAR 123-650-4800 (Local Resolutions and Hotel/Resort Option)(1) and (2) and any consenting jurisdiction, consistent with the charter, by-laws or ordinances of the city, port or county;


Timely notice and consultation with local taxing districts for OAR 123-650-5000 (LOCAL TAXING DISTRICTS — Regular Designation Notice) to 123-650-5200 (Consultations Generally with Taxing Districts);


Zone boundary, size and dimensions consistent with OAR 123-650-1500 (Mapping and Defining Zone Boundary); and


Data, statistics and so forth on social and economic conditions in OAR 123-650-4200 (Mandatory Economic Need for Zone Designation).


The form in section (1) of this rule and associated instructions prepared by the Department are hereby incorporated into and made part of these administrative rules, including but not limited to the proper aggregation and use of economic data.

Source: Rule 123-650-4100 — Documentation Pursuant to Zone Designation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=123-650-4100.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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