Rule Rule 123-650-5100
Public Meeting for Regular Designations

For purposes of ORS 285C.067 (Consultation with local taxing districts), the Sponsoring Government(s) shall conduct a public meeting (though not necessarily hold a public hearing or issue a public notice for the meeting):


That occurs not less than seven days before the adoption of any resolution of designation or re-designation by a Sponsoring Government.


To which the Sponsoring Government(s) send staff or community partners, who are directly involved with the re-/designation and knowledgeable about the potential of business development in the proposed zone, as well as their elected or executive officials as feasible and appropriate.


At which the Sponsoring Government(s):


Make available and reviews draft copies of a map of the proposed zone boundary and other such materials related to the re-/designation;


Recognize for the record any written commentary already received from a district;


May allot time for opening statements by each district in attendance; and


Have the proceedings transcribed or recorded in some manner.


That involves discussion of relevant issues and may address follow-up steps for analysis or further consultation, as well as plans for adopting resolutions and completing the re-/designation.
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