Rule Rule 123-650-4500
Economic Conditions for Areas Added by Boundary Changes

Under ORS 285C.115 (Change of zone boundaries)(2)(c), an area may be added to an enterprise zone only if it and adjoining residential areas are economically comparable to the original enterprise zone:


Economic statistics or data for the original enterprise zone and an area to be added shall be either:


From a given data source as most recently available; or


From the time of the latest re-/designation of the zone based on the data source used at the time for purposes of ORS 285C.090 (Requirements for area to be designated zone).


As part of the boundary change documentation, general commentary shall suffice for this issue if it is readily apparent that any area added to the zone:


Is virtually devoid of and geographically removed from residential areas; or


Contains and borders only residential areas with signs of economic blight or a preponderance of markedly low-income households.


If circumstances are less plain than in section (2) of this rule, then the documentation shall include a suitable comparison based on one or more economic measures of the original enterprise zone to Census Statistical Units that contain, overlap or appropriately abut areas added to the zone.


The comparison in section (3) of this rule must show that such Census Statistical Units in aggregate, based on the most recently available data, have:


Less than 25 percent of their land zoned or used for residential development; or


Generally the same or a lower household or personal income, or a higher unemployment rate, or otherwise equivalent or more severe economic conditions, compared to the original enterprise zone.
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