Rule Rule 123-650-4000

To designate or re-designate an enterprise zone under ORS 285C.065 (Designation of enterprise zone) or 285C.250 (Redesignation or designation of new zone following zone termination):


The process begins with the Sponsoring Government(s) sending a formal advisory to the Department of its intent to re-/designate. This may happen at any time for a new designation, but for concurrent re-designation, the local zone sponsor shall timely provide the advisory under ORS 285C.074 (Documentation for zone designation or redesignation to be submitted to department) after January 1 but no later than on or around April 16, preceding July 1 when the existing zone will have Terminated-by-Statute.


The Department will respond promptly to such an advisory, which if by telephone will be memorialized at least through email, consulting with the Sponsoring Government(s) about:


The utility, impacts and responsibilities of re-/designating and having an enterprise zone;


Steps to re-/designate a zone, including but not limited to formally sending notice to and consulting with local taxing districts, after this consultation by the Department has taken place;


Documentation, as well as sample resolution language, needing to be submitted to the Department;


Economic hardship criteria and possible assistance in identifying measures for the local area;


Prohibitions in OAR 123-650-4900 (Agency Determinations)(2); and


Other matters as appropriate or necessary.


Not less than 45 days after advising the Department, the Sponsor Governments may submit the enterprise zone re-/designation, as described in OAR 123-650-4100 (Documentation Pursuant to Zone Designation) (electronically as desired).
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