Rule Rule 125-090-0000

As used in this chapter 125, division 90 (these rules), unless the context requires otherwise:


Applicant means any person applying to DAS for authorization to use a Parking Facility for motor vehicle or bicycle parking or other transportation use identified in these rules or authorization to participate in an alternative transportation modes program.


Alternative transportation modes has the meaning given that term in OAR 125-090-0160(2)(a)(B).


Capitol Mall Parking Area means that area within the City of Salem bounded by Church Street on the west, D Street on the north, Mill Street on the south and 13th Street on the east.


Commercial Parking means parking made available by a private or public concern for which a use fee is charged.


DAS means the Department of Administrative Services, Facilities Division, Parking and Commuting Services. The DAS address and web site information is published in Exhibit 1 to these rules.


Director means the director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.


Hire Date means the date of a State Employees initial hire to State service as recorded in the official personnel file for that employee.


Lease means to charge or to pay a charge for the use of portions of the facilities and grounds in a Parking Facility for the parking of motor vehicles and other transportation uses.


Manager means the manager of the Parking and Commuting Services, Facilities Division, Department of Administrative Services, or the Managers designee.


Official Work Station means the building, office, assembly point or other similar location to which a State Employee is:


Permanently assigned; or


Scheduled to report for work for five or more consecutive business days, if a State Employee is not permanently assigned.


Park means to stop, or to cause or allow to remain stopped, any vehicle or combination of vehicles, or any portion thereof, on any street, off-street-parking facility, or other public right of way including sidewalks, except such stops as are made in response to legal controls or requirements, conditions created by other traffic, emergencies related to the operation of the vehicle during the actual period of such emergency, or momentary stops for the expeditious loading or unloading of passengers.


Parking Facility means any lot, grounds, parking structure, or facility owned, managed, controlled or administered by DAS and used or available for the parking of motor vehicles and bicycles and other transportation uses, including but not limited to those grounds and parking structures and facilities described in ORS 276.594 and those parking structures and facilities at the State office buildings in Eugene and Portland. Parking Facility also includes any additional grounds and parking structures or facilities designated by State Agencies to be managed, controlled or administered by DAS.


Permit means an authorization issued in accordance with these rules to park a motor vehicle or a bicycle in compliance with the conditions specified in the authorization and these rules. It may also mean the placard or decal issued to identify a vehicle exercising the authorization.


Schedule of Base Rates and Charges means the schedule of base rates and charges in OAR 125-090-0140, which rates and charges are adopted by DAS pursuant to 125-090-0005 and 125-090-0020 for the use of portions of the facilities and grounds in Parking Facilities for the parking of motor vehicles and bicycles and other transportation uses.


Service Vehicle means a motor vehicle used primarily for the transport of goods or services from a business to State Agency premises.


State means the State of Oregon.


State Agency means any elected or appointed officer, board, commission, department, institution, branch or other unit of the state government.


State Employee means any employee, officer, board or commission member, contractor, or volunteer worker of the State or, for the period of the assignment, any individual assigned to a State Agency by the individuals regular employer.


State Employee with a Disability means a State Employee who has been issued a disabled person parking permit by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) under ORS 811.602.


Writing means letters, characters and symbols inscribed on paper by hand, print, type or other method of impression, or made in electronic form such as e-mail and facsimile, and intended to represent or convey particular ideas or meanings.
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