Rule Rule 125-090-0150
Authority to Remove or Impound Bicycles


DAS may impound any bicycle parked in violation of OAR 125-090-0120 (General Rules; Parking for State Employees with Disabilities and Other Particular Rules)(3)(h)(D) or causing a safety hazard in a Parking Facility or any bicycle abandoned in a Parking Facility by locking it at the Parking Facility or removing it to an impounded storage area. A bicycle left overnight longer than seven consecutive days without authorization from DAS Parking is considered stored in violation of these rules. Bicycles stored at a Parking Facility in violation of these rules and bicycles not removed from a secure space for more than thirty days after a bicycle permit expires will be considered abandoned.


DAS shall reasonably attempt to leave a notice with DAS contact information at a bicycle locked at the Parking Facility and at a site from which DAS removed a bicycle. DAS shall send notice of impoundment as soon as practical and whenever reasonably possible to the owners of all bicycles impounded under this rule.


DAS shall use the State law for the disposition of unclaimed property to dispose of bicycles unclaimed after impound, and those bicycles left abandoned thirty days or more after a bicycle permit expires.
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Aug. 7, 2020