Rule Rule 125-090-0090
Permit Cancellation; Refunds; Replacement Permits


A permit holder may cancel a monthly permit at any time for any reason, by providing notice in writing to Parking and Commuting Services and returning any permit or placard issued by DAS. The notice must specify the DAS assigned permit number to be cancelled and the effective date of the cancellation. The permit holder is obligated to pay for the permit until notice of cancellation is received by DAS.


DAS will refund payment only for any unused time on monthly permits as follows:


DAS shall prorate to the nearest dollar any refund due the individual surrendering a monthly permit, based upon the number of days unused on the day the permit is received in the Parking and Commuting Services office.


DAS will not prorate charges or refund payment for any other permit.


DAS shall refuse to consider any dispute about a parking charge presented more than 15 days after the payment.


A permit holder canceling a permit to use any of the secured facilities, rooms or lockers for bicycle parking is not entitled to any refund of the current year’s annual charge. Any key issued to a permit holder for bicycle parking in a Parking Facility is DAS property. The permit holder must return the key to DAS when the permit expires or is cancelled. Upon receipt of the key DAS will refund any key deposit paid.


A monthly permit issued to a State Employee is cancelled effective the date the permit holder’s employment or other agreement for services to the State ends.


Placards and decals issued by DAS are the property of DAS and must be removed from the vehicle and returned to the Parking and Commuting Services Office with any application for a refund. Refunds are computed from the date the permit is returned or DAS deems it lost or stolen.


DAS may provide replacement permits to monthly parking permit holders at the charge stated in OAR 125-090-0140 (Schedule of Base Rates and Charges for Parking Facilities). Permit holders making a request for replacement permits for:


Newly acquired vehicles or to replace damaged permits are required to remove the existing permit and return it to the Parking and Commuting Services Office. DAS may not make a replacement under this subsection if holder is unable to produce evidence of the damaged permit.


To replace lost or stolen permits, permit holders are required to sign a statement attesting to the circumstances of the loss or theft. Permit holders are required to contact the Parking and Commuting Services Office immediately upon discovery of the loss or theft of a permit. A replacement permit will be issued only for the vehicle from which the permit has been stolen, unless the vehicle was stolen.


DAS reserves the right to terminate immediately upon notice to the permit holder, or at such later date as DAS may establish in such notice, a monthly or reserved permit when it is in the best interest of the State to do so.
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