Rule Rule 125-090-0060
Terms Under Which Parking Facilities Are Leased


Parking Facilities are for the parking of motor vehicles and bicycles and other transportation uses as DAS determines are appropriate. In determining the use of Parking Facilities DAS shall first give priority to the needs of State Agencies and State Employees for the transaction of state business. DAS permits parking of State Employee, visitor, service, and State-owned vehicles at Parking Facilities for transacting business in State offices only, unless expressly otherwise authorized by DAS. DAS may authorize the general public to use those parking spaces not required by such Agency and State Employee vehicles.


DAS may determine the classes and availability of parking spaces in Parking Facilities (reserved, unreserved, metered, or other), and the method for charging users for the parking uses (monthly, daily, metered or other), and where and if display of a permit is necessary in order to lawfully exercise parking authorization. Parking by all persons is subject to availability of parking spaces and these rules.


The State, DAS, and its employees are not responsible for any damage to or loss of a vehicle or its contents or injury to any person arising from the use of Parking Facilities.


DAS conditions all authorization to use Parking Facilities on the requirement that the user comply with these rules and all applicable State and local laws and ordinances.
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Sep. 20, 2020