Rule Rule 125-090-0100
Other Parking and Transportation Uses Provided; Visitor with Disabilities

Notwithstanding OAR 125-090-0010 (Parking Facilities Subject to DAS Management and Control) through 125-090-0090 (Permit Cancellation; Refunds; Replacement Permits), DAS may provide the following types of parking and other transportation uses in Parking Facilities:


Reserved or unreserved free parking designated for temporary use by persons with disabilities visiting State offices. Vehicles occupying such spaces shall bear a valid and properly placed parking decal or placard issued by ODOT. Visitors with disabilities who need special access to parking to transact business at State offices and State Employees with disabilities who need special access to parking when visiting a State facility not the State Employee’s Official Work Station may ask DAS in advance of the visit or in person at the time of the visit for reasonable accommodation. The DAS address and web site information is published in Exhibit 1 of these rules.


Designated reserved or unreserved free daily or monthly parking for those statewide elected officials who park in Parking Facilities.


Time-limited metered or free spaces for use by persons transacting business in state offices not the person’s Official Work Station.


Free parking spaces designated for the exclusive use of vehicles during the loading and unloading of passengers or cargo, and reserved for the exclusive use of Service Vehicles.


Spaces designated by special use agreement for parking and other Parking Facility uses to benefit the general public, the local community or the State. DAS may make special use permits available if the issuance of the special use permit does not displace a paid permit holder. Parking availability is the decision of the Manager or designated staff. For some uses, DAS may require a written agreement with regard to permit distribution, charges, and related considerations.
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