Rule Rule 125-090-0005
Rates for Parking Facility Uses; Time of Review; Notice


This rule provides for establishing and reviewing and revising rates and charges for the use of Parking Facilities.


DAS shall conduct an annual review of the rates and charges to be imposed for parking and other transportation uses in the various Parking Facilities and may alter any rates or charges if DAS determines a current consideration of the factors listed in OAR 125-090-0020 justifies the change.


In addition to establishment and review of rates and charges described in sections (1) and (2) of this rule, DAS may alter rates and charges periodically or for periods DAS determines appropriate when Parking Facility occupancy exceeds expected levels. Such rate and charge changes may be temporary or long-term and may be used to adjust revenue levels to those levels required considering those factors identified in OAR 125-090-0020.


Each time DAS changes rates and charges, it shall adopt and publish a Schedule of Base Rates and Charges. The new published Schedule of Base Rates and Charges supersedes all previously published Schedules and the rates and charges originally established in OAR 125-090-0140.


The Schedule of Base Rates and Charges must include:


Any revised long-term rate or charge changes; and


The size and the proposed duration of any temporary rate or charge change.


DAS shall publish the revised rates and charges prior to the effective date of the new Schedule of Base Rates and Charges by posting the revised rates and charges on the DAS web site listed in Exhibit 1 to these rules and by distributing notice of the revised rates and charges, in writing, to:


All individuals who lease parking subject to the rate or charge change at the individuals last e-mail or physical address on file with DAS;


All State Agencies which lease, or have employees who lease, parking subject to the rate or charge change; and


All State Agencies which occupy quarters located in the Capitol Mall Parking Area, or elsewhere in the City of Salem, the Portland State Office Building and the Eugene State Office Building.


A permit holder is solely responsible for immediately notifying DAS of any change in address, e-mail, place of employment, and vehicle license number.
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