Rule Rule 125-090-0002


DAS establishes these rules to regulate the use of Parking Facilities for parking of motor vehicles and bicycles and to provide for other transportation uses consistent with the policies stated in ORS 276.591 (Parking policy).


DAS, through the Director and other administrative officers designated by the Director, is authorized to implement and to provide for the enforcement of these rules.


The Director of DAS delegates to the Manager the authority and responsibility for the implementation, administration and enforcement of these rules.


The Manager is authorized to render written and oral interpretations and to adopt procedures necessary for the proper administration and enforcement of these rules. The Manager’s authority includes but is not limited to determining:


Priorities for uses of Parking Facilities and management of space assignments;


Incentives and other methods to encourage use of alternative transportation modes;


The number and types of parking and other permits, and permit sizes, forms and content;


Conditions under which grounds and parking structures or facilities may be used; and


Eligibility and application procedure for the parking and other permits, the uses granted by each type of permit, and the circumstances when a permit must be displayed.


DAS may install traffic control devices and use other appropriate signs to post notice of these rules at Parking Facilities. DAS may issue parking prohibitions and use restrictions at each Parking Facility that govern the use and operation of such facility; DAS shall give notice of such prohibitions or restrictions by posting appropriate signs in plain view.
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Aug. 7, 2020