Rule Rule 125-125-0150
Statewide Facility Planning Process


The statewide facility planning process provides a means of evaluating if state facilities are planned, financed, acquired, constructed, managed, and maintained in a manner that maximizes and protects this investment.


The described budget review process program does not apply to institutions of higher education, community colleges, Oregon Health Sciences University, SAIF Corporation, Lottery, Secretary of State, Treasurer’s Office, or to the Legislative or Judicial branches.


The Department shall implement and maintain a planning process. This process shall coordinate state facilities’ data, standards, maintenance planning, leasing planning, capital project planning, Salem Area Projects planning and Capitol Mall Area Projects Planning. The Department shall use the Board to assist in the review of agency plans and other associated documents and to advise the Director.


The Statewide Facilities Program shall develop the State Facilities Planning Process Manual. The manual shall provide definitions, examples, and detailed descriptions of required reports to aid agencies in supplying information to the Statewide Program. The manual shall be reviewed biennially before the budget process begins and updated, if needed.


Following the guidelines contained in the State Facilities Planning Process Manual, Agencies shall submit a State Facility Plan through the statewide facilities coordinator if it meets one or more of the following criteria:


The agency owns buildings or plans to build or buy a building of 10,000 or more square feet;


The agency plans a major re-organization;


The agency proposes to enter into a lease of 10,000 or more square feet of conditioned space for a period of ten years or more;


The agency proposes to request a budget to construct a major capital project;


The agency plans to seek a legislative or Emergency Board approval for a major construction or acquisition project;


The agency plans to seek planning funds for a major construction or acquisition project for which the total cost will be $500,000 or more.


To best coordinate and distribute the facilities data, the Statewide Program shall maintain a State Facility Inventory. The inventory shall be a database of state agency facilities covered under this rule and valued over $1 million, which shall be updated biennially by agencies. The inventory shall include basic information on these buildings, such as the age, roof replacement schedule, deferred maintenance plan, etc. The data shall be used to make effective decisions on capital projects, space needs, and maintenance of the buildings.
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