Rule Rule 125-125-0450
Capitol Mall Area Project Review


The Department shall investigate, review and make recommendations on all proposals of state agencies to add to, reduce or otherwise change a building or grounds in the areas described in ORS 276.028.


The Department shall create and maintain a special Capitol Mall Project Review Committee to provide an additional level of design review for Capitol Mall projects. The committee will be comprised of the following members: the manager of the Facilities Division Statewide Program; a representative from the Legislative Assembly; a representative from the City of Salem; and a private design practitioner.


This review process applies to any state office, board, commission or department authorized by law to engage in capital construction or improvement projects in the areas described by ORS 276.010 (Definitions for ORS 276.046 to 276.062).


In addition to the procedures described for Salem Area projects, any projects covered by the Capitol Mall Area Plan shall have these additional requirements:


Before submitting the materials for Salem Area Project Review, the agency shall submit the material to the Capitol Mall Project Review Committee.


The Committee will determine if the proposed project is consistent with the policies and design standards for the Capitol Mall.


The Committee will pass its conclusions to the Board.


For major projects, both the initial submittal and final design submittal will require review by both the Capitol Mall Project Review Committee and the Capital Projects Advisory Board.
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