Rule Rule 125-125-0300
Procedure for Board Review


Following review of the information by the Department, the agency shall present its plans before the Board, for the purpose of determining if the projects are compatible with the criteria established in the State Facilities Planning Process Manual. The Board may pose further questions to the agency or determine if additional action is required and postpone acceptance or comment on the plans.


In order to grant acceptance or favorable comment on the plans, the Board must find the project is compatible with the criteria listed in the State Facilities Planning Process Manual and the Budget Instructions.


No agency subject to this rule shall seek Legislative or Emergency Board approval of projects meeting the criteria of 125-125-0150 (Statewide Facility Planning Process) without first having obtained review of the project by the Board.


The Board shall accept the report after consideration of agency submissions, testimony, and public testimony, if any. Their comments shall be kept in the formal meeting minutes and provided to the Director and budget analysts for inclusion in the agency’s budget package
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