Rule Rule 125-125-0400
Area Plan Update Responsibilities


Each agency owning property in the Salem area shall be responsible for helping maintain an Area Plan for property it owns.


The Department shall develop a standard template for Area Plans, which shall structure any modifications to existing plans and include content areas specified under OAR 110-010-0034. The Department shall also develop and maintain a coordination plan that addresses the interrelationship among the different Area Plans and the state’s presence in the City of Salem.


The Department shall develop and maintain a review schedule for the Area Plans and a process for coordinating any required changes with the affected agencies and the City of Salem. If outside assistance is required to update the plan, it shall be at the expense of the property owning agency or agencies.


The review schedule shall result in each Area Plan being reviewed before the Board at least once every five years and updated as may be required. At the time of the review, the Board shall provide an opportunity for public comment on any proposed revisions to the plan.
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