Rule Rule 125-125-0200
Capital Projects Advisory Board


CPAB shall assist the Department in the review of agency plans. It shall be comprised of seven members. Five members shall be public members knowledgeable about construction, facilities management, and maintenance issues. One member shall be from the City of Salem Community Development Department and one member from the City of Salem Public Works Department. The Director shall appoint the chairperson of the Board.


The term of each member of the Board is determined by the Director.


The Board shall meet monthly or at times deemed advisable by the majority of its members. In addition, the Director may call the Board to meet for the purpose of considering agency reports.


The Board members shall serve without compensation from the Department for travel or per diem.


The Board is advisory to the Director of the Department and is not a governing body of a public body under ORS 192.610 (Definitions for ORS 192.610 to 192.690). Meetings of the Board shall be treated as public meetings and shall generally follow the notification and other procedures described in the Attorney General’s Public Records and Meetings Manual. The Department shall send notice of upcoming meetings to an established and iterative mailing list of interested parties, using electronic methods, where practical. The Department shall also provide information regarding meetings on the Department’s website.


The Board shall provide a place on the agenda for public comment. Public comment should be limited to the review process criteria listed in ORS 276.227 (Statewide planning process)(3)(d). The Board will accept public comment only on the review items listed on the meeting agenda. The Board shall acknowledge any public comment and include it in the formal review record.


The Board will not make a recommendation on a plan or other document reviewed without a majority of its members present. If a duly scheduled and noticed meeting does not have a majority of the members present, those present will be considered to be a subcommittee of the Board. The subcommittee will report to the next scheduled Board meeting when a majority is present, and formal action may be taken at that time.
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