Rule Rule 125-125-0250
Procedure for Submitting Reports for Review


Each state agency shall report to the Board by July 31 of even-numbered years long-range facility plans and funding strategies that reflect changes in technology and priorities. The reports shall include a Space Needs Plan (including the Biennial Leasing Plan), a Construction or Lease Project Plan, and a Building Maintenance Needs Plan, if applicable.


The Board shall review the information submitted and presented under section (1) of this rule and make recommendations to the Director by September 1 of even-number years related to long-range plans, the condition of facilities, maintenance schedules, funding strategies and options for new facilities.


The statewide facilities coordinator shall request updated plans from agencies biennially and establish a submittal schedule. This schedule shall include the report due dates and presentation date for each agency to appear before the Board.


The Agency shall provide one electronic copy to the statewide facilities coordinator no later than the due date stated for the agency on the CPAB Reporting schedule.


If an Agency has project(s) that require review under OAR 125-125-0350 (Salem Area Project Review) Salem Area Project Review, then a supplemental listing and description of those projects should be prepared and submitted with the other required materials.


The statewide facilities coordinator will provide a substantive analysis of the plans, including review for completeness and responsiveness to issues and provide the information to the Board. The coordinator may return a list of questions to the agency or recommended changes.
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