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Rule Rule 581-021-0013
Child Development Specialist Programs


A Child Development Specialist program is an optional elementary component of a district’s comprehensive school counseling program for grades K–8, (or any configuration therof), based on the Oregon Department of Education’s Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling under OAR 581-022-2060 (Comprehensive School Counseling).


The district school board of every school district operating elementary schools may make the services of a Child Development Specialist available to the children and their families residing in attendance areas of the schools. A Child Development Specialist may serve as counseling staff trainined to help implement the comprehensive school counseling program.


If a district school board chooses to establish a child development specialist program, the school district must meet the following requirements:


The school district shall submit a written plan describing the program to the Department of Education and the program must be approved by the department.


Upon department approval of a district’s plan, a school district may submit a child development specialist candidate application for department approval.


The school district shall conduct an annual review of the program and submit an updated plan to the department for reauthorization of the program.


Each Child Development Specialist employed by a school district shall complete an annual evaluation of the specialist’s child development plan to be included with the school district’s updated plan.


The department will:


Conduct an annual program review of any district that has established or chooses to establish a Child Development Specialist Program as an elementary, grades K–8, component of the district’s K–12 comprehensive school counseling program.


Conduct an annual review of each Child Development Specialist’s Summary of Activities as part of the reauthorization process.


Up-date and post all child development specialist forms needed for program approval and CDS authorization/reauthorization on the Oregon Department of Education web page annually.


Maintain a Child Development Specialist Advisory Committee to hear appeals by districts or Child Development Specialist, or to serve when requested by the department for input.

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