Oregon Oregon Department of Education

Rule Rule 581-021-0030
Limitation on Administration and Utilization of Tests in Public Schools


Tests shall be considered as instruments that are means to assist decision-making on the part of parents, the public, school boards and the professional staff, rather than ends unto themselves. Tests may be used as follows in addition to other uses specified in local policies:


To assist in making decisions about the effectiveness of school programs;


To assist in determining the attainment of specified educational outcomes;


To provide information to the students about themselves, to parents, and to the school staff which may assist them in making programmatic decisions of benefit to the student.


Tests of intelligence, ability, achievement or aptitude shall not be used as sole criterion for placement of students in educational groups or tracks:


Before administering individual intelligence tests (as opposed to group intelligence tests) and all tests of personality to children in public schools, districts shall inform parents as to the purpose of testing; and the parents’ written permission shall be obtained. In homes where the predominant language spoken is not English, the communications on the purpose of testing should be in the language spoken in the home;


When a school district believes it is not feasible to comply with subsection (2)(a) of this rule, it may petition the Department of Education for a waiver in accordance with the procedure contained in the State Standards for Oregon Public Schools.

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