Oregon Oregon Department of Education

Rule Rule 581-021-0578
School District Eligibility to Offer a Post Graduate Scholar Program

School Districts are eligible to use state school funds for a post graduate scholar program if the following criteria are met:


School districts must have a written agreement with the community college that has a service area or contract within which the school district is located.


School districts have a policy approved by the school district board that:


Describes the goals of the program, including target high school graduation rates for underserved students;


Includes minimum requirements for grade point average, attendance, and participation in regular in-person meetings with school staff;


Contains an evaluation plan describing how the success of the program will be measured and monitored; and


Lists the courses of study that are approved by the school district for the post-graduate scholar program; and


The majority of students from the school district that are enrolled in courses at the community college meet at least one of the criteria identified below:


Is not a post-graduate scholar;


Has received a modified diploma, an extended diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate;


Is or will be a first-generation graduate of high school;


Is, or has been, a child in a foster home;


Is, or has been, placed in a facility or an education program by a court;


Is homeless;


Is a parent; or


Was identified as eligible for free or reduced price lunches within the preceding 12 months.

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