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Rule Rule 581-021-0576

The following definitions apply to OAR 581-021-0576 (Definitions) to 581-021-0582 (Establishment):


“Community College Service Area” means a district formed under ORS Chapter 341 (Community Colleges) or, for school districts outside of a community college service area, it means an area determined pursuant to contract with a community college as determined by the office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD).


“Full-Time Enrollment” in a community college is the registration and payment of required fees as a full-time student based on a minimum of 12 credit-hours per academic term.


“Legal residence for students” means:


Resident students as defined under ORS 339.133 (Determination of residency of student for school purposes);


A student who has been admitted to a district under open enrollment under section 9, chapter 718, Oregon Laws 2011 retains residency for purposes of the post graduate scholar program even though they have graduated; and


A student who has been admitted to a district under interdistrict transfer if the receiving district extends the transfer agreement to allow for an additional year after the student meets the graduation requirements.


“Post-graduate scholar” means a student:


Who has been in grades 9-12 for more than a total of four school years; and


Has satisfied the requirements for a regular high school diploma as provided in ORS 329.451 (High school diploma)(2).


“Post-graduate scholar program” is a program that meets the requirements in SB1537.

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