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Rule Rule 581-023-0008
Accountable Activities for Alternative Education Programs


For purposes of determining class group size for alternative education programs, instruction must be provided by a teacher as defined in OAR 581-023-0006 (Student Accounting Records and State Reporting). For purposes of determining class group size, instruction may not be provided by an “Educational Assistant” or “Instructional Assistant” who provides support to a teacher.


Alternative education programs must provide accountable activities. Accountable activities are defined as one or more of the following as approved by the school district by contract:


Tutorial Instruction;


Small group instruction;


Large group instruction;


Personal growth and development instruction;


Counseling and guidance;


Computer assisted instruction;


Vocational training;


Cooperative work experience and/or supervised work experience;


Instructional activities provided by institutions accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges;


Supervised community service activities performed as part of the instructional program; and


Supervised independent study in accordance with a student’s educational goals including classroom or equivalent work supervised by school district officials that serve as one component of the student’s educational plan and profile and not the entire part. Examples of this include required and elective courses, supervised independent study, career-related learning experiences, and project based learning.


Programs must provide instruction based on academic content standards adopted by the State Board of Education and must ensure students participate in district and state assessments of achievement for the grade level(s) the program serves and must:


Assist the district in meeting its comprehensive K–12 instructional program in compliance with OAR 581-022-2030 (District Curriculum),


Assist the district in awarding a High School Diploma according to ORS 329.451 (High school diploma) and 581-022-2000 (Diploma Requirements), Modified Diploma described in OAR 581-022-2010 (Modified Diploma), or Alternative Certificate described in 581-022-2020 (Alternative Certificate), to a student who completes the requirements established by the State Board of Education and the school district,


Assist student in demonstrating Proficiency in Core or Academic Content Standards, and Essential Skills in accordance with OAR 581-022-2025 (Credit Options),


Provide evidence of academic progress included and maintained by the resident school district in the student’s permanent record, as defined by OAR 581-021-0250 (An Educational Agency or Institution’s Policy Regarding Student Education Records),


Provide a course of study and activities that are correlated with the academic content standards in accordance with OAR 581-022-2030 (District Curriculum),


Provide National Education Statistics Course Codes and Descriptions for Secondary Courses where academic credit is offered.


Programs must provide teachers as defined in OAR 581-023-0006 (Student Accounting Records and State Reporting) and educational assistants as defined in ORS 342.120 (Definitions for chapter). Provide teachers as defined in OAR 581-023-0006 (Student Accounting Records and State Reporting) and educational assistants as defined ORS 342.120 (Definitions for chapter).

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