Arraignment and Pretrial Provisions

ORS 135.737

In an accusatory instrument for perjury, attempted perjury, solicitation of perjury or conspiracy to commit perjury it is sufficient to set forth the substance of the controversy or matter in respect to which the crime was committed, in what court or before whom the oath alleged to be false was taken and that the court or person before whom it was taken had authority to administer it, with proper allegations of the falsity of the matter on which the perjury is assigned; but the accusatory instrument need set forth neither the pleadings, record or proceedings with which the oath is connected nor the commission or authority of the court or person before whom the perjury was committed. [Formerly 132.690]

See annotations under ORS 132.690 in permanent edition.

§§ 135.713 to 135.743

Law Review Citations

2 EL 230-274 (1971)


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