Arraignment and Pretrial Provisions

ORS 135.791
Request for final disposition of detainer from prisoner in another state

When the district attorney of any county shall have received written notice from a prisoner in another state of the prisoner’s request for final disposition to be made of any untried accusatory instrument which is the basis of a detainer against the prisoner, the district attorney promptly shall give written notice to the Governor that such request has been received. The notice to the Governor shall describe the charge pending against the prisoner and shall recite the crime of which the prisoner was convicted in the other state, the sentence imposed and the date the sentence commenced, or so much of such information as may be known to the district attorney. The notice to the Governor shall be accompanied by a summary of the evidence against the prisoner on the untried charge. Within 10 days after receiving the notice and summary of evidence, the Governor shall send written direction to the district attorney either to proceed with prosecution of the prisoner when the prisoner is made available, or to move the court for dismissal of the untried indictment, information or complaint and to remove the detainer against the prisoner. The written direction may be signed by the Governor or by a person authorized by the Governor to perform extradition functions. The decision of the Governor shall be final, and the district attorney shall act as so directed. [1973 c.632 §2]


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