Arraignment and Pretrial Provisions

ORS 135.750
Where there is reason for delay

If the defendant is not proceeded against as provided in ORS 135.745 (Delay in finding an indictment or filing an information), and sufficient reason therefor is shown, the court may order the action to be continued and in the meantime may release the defendant from custody as provided in ORS 135.230 (Definitions for ORS 135.230 to 135.290) to 135.290 (Punishment by contempt of court), for the appearance of the defendant to answer the charge or action. [Formerly 134.130; 2013 c.431 §2]

See also annotations under ORS 134.130 in permanent edition.

Notes of Decisions

"Sufficient reason therefor" refers to court's decision not to dismiss indictment, not to state's failure to proceed against or try defendant. State v. Johnson, 339 Or 69, 116 P3d 879 (2005)

Law Review Citations

44 WLR 761 (2008)


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