Arraignment and Pretrial Provisions

ORS 135.949
Other programs authorized

Nothing in ORS 135.941 (Early disposition programs), 135.942 (Purposes of program), 135.943 (Provisions of program) and 135.948 (Availability to probationers) or in the amendments to ORS 135.380 (Time of entering plea), 135.385 (Defendant to be advised by court), 135.390 (Determining voluntariness of plea) and 135.405 (Plea discussions and plea agreements) by sections 10 to 13, chapter 635, Oregon Laws 2001, prevents the implementation or continuation of an early disposition program other than one established under ORS 135.941 (Early disposition programs). [2001 c.635 §15]
Note: See note under 135.941 (Early disposition programs).


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