ORS 138.035
Appeal by defendant


(a) A defendant may take an appeal from the circuit court, or from a municipal court or a justice court that has become a court of record under ORS 51.025 (Justice court as court of record) or 221.342 (Method by which municipal court becomes court of record), to the Court of Appeals from a judgment:


Conclusively disposing of all counts in the accusatory instrument or conclusively disposing of all counts severed from other counts;


Convicting the defendant of at least one count; and


Imposing sentence on all counts of which the defendant was convicted.


For the purposes of this subsection, if the trial court merges a determination of guilt on one count with a determination of guilt on another count and imposes a sentence on the merged determinations of guilt, the trial court has conclusively disposed of the merged counts.


(a) A defendant may appeal a judgment ordering payment of restitution but not specifying the amount of restitution.


A defendant may appeal a supplemental judgment awarding restitution.


A defendant may appeal a judgment or order extending a period of probation, imposing a new or modified condition of probation or of sentence suspension, or imposing or executing a sentence upon revocation of probation or sentence suspension.


A defendant may appeal an amended or corrected judgment entered after the judgment of conviction and sentence.


A defendant may cross-appeal when the state appeals pursuant to ORS 138.045 (Appeal by state) (1)(d). [2017 c.529 §3]


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