ORS 138.225
Summary affirmation

In reviewing the judgment of any court under ORS 138.010 (Mode of review) to 138.310 (Notice to court below when public defense services executive director certifies costs, expenses or compensation), the Court of Appeals, on its own motion or on the motion of the respondent, may summarily affirm, without oral argument, the judgment after submission of the appellant’s brief and without submission of the respondent’s brief if the court finds that no substantial question of law is presented by the appeal. Notwithstanding ORS 2.570 (Departments of court), the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals may deny or, if the petitioner does not oppose the motion, grant a respondent’s motion for summary affirmation. A dismissal of appeal under this section constitutes a decision upon the merits of the appeal. [1995 c.295 §2]


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