ORS 138.255
Court of Appeals certification of appeal to Supreme Court in lieu of disposition

  • party request for Supreme Court review


An appeal to the Court of Appeals may be certified to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court may accept or deny acceptance of the certified appeal, as provided in ORS 19.405 (Certification of appeal to Supreme Court).


At any time before the State Court Administrator sends notice to the parties of the date of oral argument or, if the case is not orally argued, the date that the State Court Administrator delivers the briefs to the Court of Appeals for decision, a party may request the Supreme Court to take and decide an appeal taken by the state under ORS 138.045 (Appeal by state) (1). In determining whether to accept an appeal under this subsection, the Supreme Court shall consider, in addition to other factors that the Supreme Court deems appropriate:


Whether the defendant is charged with a Class A felony listed under ORS 137.700 (Offenses requiring imposition of mandatory minimum sentences) or 137.707 (Mandatory minimum sentences for certain juvenile offenders waived to adult court);


The extent to which the case presents speedy trial concerns; and


The extent to which the case presents a significant issue of law. [1981 c.550 §4; 2001 c.870 §4c]


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