ORS 18.075
Entry of judgments in circuit courts generally


A judgment is entered in circuit court when a court administrator notes in the register that a judgment document has been filed with the court administrator.


Subject to ORS 18.058 (Duty of court administrator with respect to form of judgment document) (2), when a judge files a judgment document with the court administrator, the court administrator shall note in the register:


That the judgment document has been filed and the day, hour and minute that the judgment is entered.


Whether the judgment is a limited judgment, a general judgment or a supplemental judgment.


Whether the judgment includes a money award.


Whether the judgment creates a judgment lien under ORS 18.150 (Judgment liens in circuit courts).


If the court administrator notes in the register that a judgment creates a judgment lien, the court administrator shall note in a judgment lien record maintained by the court administrator:


The name of all judgment debtors.


The name of all judgment creditors.


The amount of the money award.


Whether the money award includes a support award or an award of restitution.


If the court administrator makes a notation of judgment in the judgment lien record, the court administrator shall thereafter also note in the judgment lien record:


The date on which any appeal is filed.


Whether a supersedeas undertaking, as defined in ORS 19.005 (Definitions), is filed.


The date of any decision on appeal.


Any execution issued by the court and the return on any execution.


Any satisfaction of the judgment, when entered.


Other such information as may be deemed necessary by court order or court rule.


The court administrator shall enter a judgment in the register within 24 hours after the judgment document is filed with court administrator, excluding Saturdays and legal holidays. If the court administrator is not able to enter the judgment within the time prescribed in this subsection, or fails to do so, the court administrator shall enter the judgment as soon as practicable thereafter.


Except as provided in ORS 18.058 (Duty of court administrator with respect to form of judgment document), the court administrator shall be subject to the direction of the court in entering judgments in the register.


The court administrator shall not delay entry of judgment under ORCP 68 for taxation of attorney fees or costs and disbursements.


Administrative orders entered in the register under ORS 25.529 (Filing order with court) have the effect provided for in that section.


The State Court Administrator shall ensure that the register and the judgment lien record be established and maintained in a uniform manner in the circuit courts.


References in Oregon Revised Statutes to docketing of a judgment are equivalent to entry of a judgment as described in subsection (1) of this section.


This section does not apply to justice courts, municipal courts or county courts performing judicial functions. [2003 c.576 §9; 2005 c.568 §15; 2005 c.618 §2; 2007 c.339 §2; 2011 c.398 §1]
Note: See note under 18.048 (Judgment in criminal action that contains money award).

Notes of Decisions

Under Former Similar Statute (Orcp 70)

Where clerk's notation of filing in register does not accurately identify underlying disposition as being judgment, entry of judgment is not "effective." Patrick v. Otteman, 158 Or App 175, 974 P2d 217 (1999), Sup Ct review denied

Under Former Similar Statute (Ors 18.030)

Time for filing notice of appeal under ORS 19.225 is to be computed from date of clerk's entry of judgment in journal. Blackledge v. Harrington, 289 Or 139, 611 P2d 292 (1980)

In General

Where court administrator enters judgment in register, error in designating type of judgment does not affect appealability of judgment. Garcia v. DMV, 195 Or App 604, 99 P3d 316 (2004)

Supplemental judgment arising from limited judgment, but entered before entry of general judgment, is not valid. Interstate Roofing, Inc. v. Springville Corp., 217 Or App 412, 177 P3d 1 (2008), modified 220 Or App 671, 188 P3d 359 (2008), modified 224 Or App 94, 197 P3d 27 (2008), overruled on other grounds, 347 Or 144, 218 P3d 113 (2009)

Law Review Citations

In General

44 WLR 377 (2007)

Chapter 18

Notes of Decisions

If terms used by trial court suffice to convey court's concluding decision or decisions, and if terms are set forth in document properly titled as judgment, then judgment document contains judgment. Interstate Roofing, Inc. v. Springfield Corp., 347 Or 144, 218 P3d 113 (2009)


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