ORS 18.205
Assignment of judgment


A judgment creditor may assign all or part of the creditor’s rights under a judgment. An assignment of judgment document must be signed by the judgment creditor, by the judgment creditor’s agent or by an attorney who represents the judgment creditor. Signature by the judgment creditor’s agent is not subject to the requirement of ORS 9.320 (Necessity for employment of attorney) that a party that is not a natural person appear by an attorney in all cases. The signature must be acknowledged by a notary public. The document may be:


Filed with the court administrator for the court in which the judgment was entered, and upon such filing shall be entered in the register and in the judgment lien record; or


Recorded in any County Clerk Lien Record in which the judgment was recorded under ORS 18.152 (Establishing judgment liens in other counties).


Upon filing or recording under this section, an assignment of judgment document operates to assign the judgment creditor’s rights under the judgment to the extent reflected in the document.


If this or another state is assigned or subrogated to the support rights of a person under ORS 412.024 (Assignment of support rights), 418.032 (Department subrogated to right of support for certain children in department custody), 419B.406 (Assignment of support order to state) or 419C.597 (Assignment of support obligation to state) or similar statutes of another state, an assignment of judgment document bearing the signature of the Administrator of the Division of Child Support of the Department of Justice or the authorized representative of the administrator may be filed or recorded in the same manner as an assignment of judgment document under subsection (1) of this section and shall have the same effect as an assignment of judgment document signed by the judgment creditor.


This section does not apply to justice courts, municipal courts or county courts performing judicial functions. [2003 c.576 §24; 2007 c.339 §7; 2011 c.226 §1; 2015 c.7 §2]
Chapter 18

Notes of Decisions

If terms used by trial court suffice to convey court's concluding decision or decisions, and if terms are set forth in document properly titled as judgment, then judgment document contains judgment. Interstate Roofing, Inc. v. Springfield Corp., 347 Or 144, 218 P3d 113 (2009)


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