ORS 18.875
Instructions to sheriff


The judgment creditor shall provide instructions to the sheriff with a writ of execution. The instructions must be signed by the judgment creditor or the judgment creditor’s attorney. The instructions may be delivered to the sheriff after the writ is delivered to the sheriff. The instructions must include:


The names and addresses of the judgment creditor and all debtors to whom notice must be given under ORS 18.888 (Notice of levy);


The names and addresses of any other persons to whom notice must be given under ORS 18.918 (Person entitled to written notice of sale);


A description of any personal property to be levied on;


A street address or other description of the place where any tangible personal property may be found;


A legal description for any real property or interest in real property to be levied on;


A statement indicating whether any property to be levied on is residential property as defined by ORS 18.901 (Definition of residential property);


A statement indicating whether any condominium unit, manufactured dwelling or floating home to be levied on is inventory held for sale or lease in the regular course of business; and


A statement identifying any portion of the property to be levied on that is intangible personal property, and any special instructions required to implement an order entered pursuant to ORS 18.884 (Levying on intangible personal property).


If instructions to the sheriff direct the sale of tangible personal property, the judgment creditor may request in the instructions that the property not be seized by the sheriff and that the property be secured in the manner provided by ORS 18.880 (Alternative procedure for levying on tangible personal property). The instructions may request that the property be rendered temporarily inoperable, and the manner in which the property should be rendered inoperable.


If a judgment creditor seeks sale of real property under a writ of execution and the real property has a street address, the instructions to the sheriff must include the street address of the real property to be sold. If the real property is residential property that is subject to ORS 18.904 (Order required for sale of residential property), a copy of the court order authorizing the sale, or a copy of the judgment directing sale or foreclosure of the property, must be attached to the instructions.


In addition to the instructions required by this section, a sheriff may require that a judgment creditor provide all other instructions as may be necessary to allow the sheriff to levy on and to sell or deliver property pursuant to a writ of execution. [2005 c.542 §7; 2007 c.580 §1; 2011 c.195 §8]


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