ORS 18.988
Seller’s right to receive payments under land sale contract


Except as provided by this section, the right of a seller to receive payments under a land sale contract, as defined by ORS 18.960 (Definitions):


May not be sold pursuant to a writ of garnishment;


May be sold only under a writ of execution in conjunction with a sale of the seller’s interest in the real property; and


Must be levied on and sold in the same manner as provided for real property under ORS 18.860 (Function of writ) to 18.993 (Effect of ORS 18.860 to 18.993 on court’s ability to direct seizure).


This section does not affect the ability of a judgment creditor to garnish payments owed to a seller under a land sale contract, as defined by ORS 18.960 (Definitions), that are due when the writ of garnishment is delivered or within 45 days after the writ of garnishment is delivered, as provided by ORS 18.685 (Contents of response) (5). [2005 c.542 §51]
Chapter 18

Notes of Decisions

If terms used by trial court suffice to convey court's concluding decision or decisions, and if terms are set forth in document properly titled as judgment, then judgment document contains judgment. Interstate Roofing, Inc. v. Springfield Corp., 347 Or 144, 218 P3d 113 (2009)


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