ORS 18.971
Objection to redemption notice


A certificate holder may object to a redemption notice if the certificate holder asserts that the claimant is not eligible to redeem. An objection under this section must be filed with the court administrator, filed with the sheriff and mailed by first class mail to the claimant before the payment date specified in the notice.


The filing of an objection under this section does not affect the requirement of payment of the redemption amount specified in the redemption notice under ORS 18.975 (Payment of redemption amount). [2005 c.542 §44b]
§§ 18.960 to 18.985

Notes of Decisions

Under Former Similar Statutes (Ors 18.565 to 18.598)

Redemption statutes are remedial and are to be liberally construed. Silbernagel v. Goin, 31 Or App 545, 570 P2d 1011 (1977), Sup Ct review denied

Law Review Citations

Under Former Similar Statutes (Ors 18.565 to 18.598)

67 OLR 287 (1988)

Chapter 18

Notes of Decisions

If terms used by trial court suffice to convey court's concluding decision or decisions, and if terms are set forth in document properly titled as judgment, then judgment document contains judgment. Interstate Roofing, Inc. v. Springfield Corp., 347 Or 144, 218 P3d 113 (2009)


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