ORS 192.846
Records of Department of Transportation

  • substitute address


A program participant may request that any driver or vehicle record kept by the Department of Transportation that contains or is required to contain the program participant’s actual address contain instead the substitute address designated by the Attorney General. A request under this subsection must:


Be in a form specified by the department; and


Contain verification that the individual is a program participant.


Upon receipt of a request and verification under this section, the department shall remove the program participant’s actual address from its records and instead use the substitute address designated by the Attorney General. The department shall note on the records that the address shown is a substitute address under ORS 192.820 (Definitions for ORS 192) to 192.868 (Grants, donations and gifts). While the request is in effect, the program participant may enter the substitute address on any driver or vehicle form issued by the department that requires an address.


If an individual ceases to be certified as a program participant, the individual shall notify the department of a change of address as provided in ORS 803.220 (Notification to department of name or address change), 807.420 (Failure to notify department on change of name or address) or 807.560 (Failure to notify department upon change of address or name). [2007 c.542 §11]
Note: See note under 192.820 (Definitions for ORS 192).


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