Administration of Revenue and Tax Laws

ORS 305.170
Complaints concerning tax laws

  • reports and recommendations to Legislative Assembly

The Department of Revenue:


Shall see that complaints concerning the law may be heard, information as to its effects may be collected and all proper suggestions as to amendments may be made.


Shall report to the Legislative Assembly, at each odd-numbered year regular session, the total amount of taxes collected in the state for state, county and municipal purposes.


May investigate the tax laws of this and other states and the possible taxable resources of this state for the purpose of recommending to the legislature methods by which a more just and equitable system of taxation may be developed.


Shall recommend to the Legislative Assembly at each odd-numbered year regular session such amendments of the Constitution or laws as may seem necessary to remedy injustice or irregularity in taxation, or to facilitate the assessment and collection of public taxes and revenues. [Formerly 306.170; 1975 c.605 §16; 2011 c.545 §40]
Chapter 305

Notes of Decisions

Policy of efficient and effective tax collection makes doctrine of estoppel against government in tax cases one of rare application. Pacific Conference v. Dept. of Rev., 7 OTR 429 (1978)

Law Review Citations

9 WLJ 193-260 (1973); 48 WLR 147 (2011)


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