ORS 305.180
Effect of tax warrant for purposes of out-of-state collection


For the purposes of out-of-state collections, a tax warrant shall have the effect of a judgment as provided by ORS 205.125 (County Clerk Lien Record) and 314.430 (Warrant for collection of taxes). However, if the laws of another state require a judgment issued by a court for the purposes of executing creditor’s remedies in that state, the Department of Revenue may obtain a judgment based upon a tax warrant as provided in this section.


The department shall give 30 days’ written notice to any person subject to a warrant for the collection of taxes, penalties or interest of its intention to obtain a judgment in the Oregon Tax Court. Such notice shall be given by either certified or registered mail. The person subject to the warrant shall have 30 days from the date of mailing of the notice to:


Pay the amount of taxes, penalties and interest due; or


File a complaint in the Oregon Tax Court contesting the validity of the warrant.


If the amount due is not paid or an appeal to the Oregon Tax Court is not made within 30 days from the date of mailing of the notice, the department may petition the Oregon Tax Court to enter a judgment in the amount indicated in the warrant plus interest.


Upon a showing by the department, by affidavit or otherwise, that the department has complied with the provisions governing the issuance of a warrant and the provisions of this section, the Oregon Tax Court shall enter a judgment against the person subject to the warrant in the amount indicated in the warrant plus interest.


Appeals from judgments issued under subsection (4) of this section shall be made in the manner provided for appeal of a judgment of the Oregon Tax Court. [1989 c.423 §2; 1995 c.53 §1; 1995 c.650 §109]

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