ORS 305.263
Order requiring filing report or return
  • show cause
  • contempt
  • appeal


If a person fails to file a report or return within 60 days of the time prescribed by any tax law administered by the Department of Revenue, the department may petition the Oregon Tax Court for an order requiring the person to file the report or return or to show cause why the person is not required to file the report or return.


Within 10 days after the filing of the petition, the tax court shall enter an order directing the person to file the report or return or to appear and show cause why no report or return is required to be filed. The petition and order shall be served upon the person in the manner provided by law for service of a complaint filed in the tax court. Not later than 20 days after service, the person shall:


File the requested report or return with the department;


Request from the court an order granting reasonable time within which to file the requested report or return with the department; or


File with the court an answer to the petition showing cause why such report or return is not required to be filed.


(a) If an answer is filed, the court shall set the matter for hearing within 20 days from the filing of the answer, and shall determine the matter in an expeditious manner, consistent with the rights of the parties.


If the person fails to answer within the time prescribed, or if the person fails to obey any order entered by the tax court under this section, such failure is punishable as contempt of court.


An appeal may be taken to the Supreme Court as provided in ORS 305.445 (Appeals to Supreme Court), from an order of the tax court made and entered after a hearing and determination under subsection (3) of this section.


Costs shall be awarded to the prevailing party. [1985 c.266 §3]

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