Administration of Revenue and Tax Laws

ORS 305.753
State Treasurer may solicit donations to eligible entities

  • department rules


The State Treasurer may solicit and accept from private and public sources and cause to be credited and paid to any entity gifts, grants and other donations, in money or otherwise, if the entity is currently listed or entitled to be listed on the Oregon tax return for checkoff.


In accordance with ORS chapter 183, the Department of Revenue may adopt such rules as are necessary for the operation of the Oregon Charitable Checkoff Commission and the administration of ORS 305.690 (Definitions for ORS 305) to 305.753 (State Treasurer may solicit donations to eligible entities). The commission may recommend that the department adopt rules under this section. [1989 c.987 §16; 1993 c.209 §21; 1993 c.797 §26; 1995 c.54 §19; 1995 c.79 §117; 1999 c.1084 §39; 2005 c.94 §26; 2005 c.836 §12; 2007 c.822 §§14,15; 2021 c.8 §10]


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