ORS 305.225
Request of assistance by law enforcement agency
  • disclosure of tax records


Notwithstanding ORS 314.835 (Divulging particulars of returns and reports prohibited), if the Department of Revenue determines that assistance of a law enforcement agency is necessary to insure compliance with any of the laws of this state administered by it, the department may request such assistance. In connection with assistance requested under this section only, the Department of Revenue may disclose a tax return, report or claim, or information in its files regarding a tax return, report or claim permitted or required to be filed with the department under any law administered by the department to the Oregon State Police, district attorney, grand jury, judicial authority or local law enforcement agency for the investigation or the prosecution of violations of the criminal laws of this state relating to perjury, theft or forgery if those violations occur in connection with the filing of such a return, report or claim, or of the tax laws of this state. Disclosure under this section shall be solely for the purpose of investigation or prosecution of violations involving the filing of a false or fraudulent return, report or claim, wherein the validity of the return, report or claim, or information contained therein, is at issue. Returns, reports or claims, or information contained therein shall not be disclosed if the purpose for which the information is sought is as evidence of a crime unrelated to the validity of the return, report or claim, or the information contained therein, supplied to the department or if the information is requested by a law enforcement agency in connection with any other investigation or prosecution.


Each person given access to the confidential tax information authorized to be disclosed under this section shall first execute and file with the department the certificate required by ORS 314.840 (Disclosure of information) (3) and shall cause a similar certificate to be executed and filed with the department by any associate or subordinate who is assigned to use the information for the purposes stated in this section. [1985 c.761 §26; 2009 c.640 §1]

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