Persons With Mental Illness

ORS 426.495
Definitions for ORS 426.490 to 426.500

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As used in ORS 426.490 (Policy) to 426.500 (Powers and duties of Oregon Health Authority), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Case manager” means a person who works on a continuing basis with a person with a chronic mental illness and is responsible for assuring the continuity of the various services called for in the discharge plan of the person with a chronic mental illness including services for basic personal maintenance, mental and personal treatment, and appropriate education and employment.


“Discharge plan” means a written plan prepared jointly with the person with a chronic mental illness, mental health staff and case manager prior to discharge, prescribing for the basic and special needs of the person upon release from the hospital.


“Person with a chronic mental illness” means an individual who is:


Eighteen years of age or older; and


Diagnosed by a psychiatrist, a licensed clinical psychologist, a licensed independent practitioner as defined in ORS 426.005 (Definitions for ORS 426.005 to 426.390) or a nonmedical examiner certified by the Oregon Health Authority or the Department of Human Services as having chronic schizophrenia, a chronic major affective disorder, a chronic paranoid disorder or another chronic psychotic mental disorder other than those caused by substance abuse.


For purposes of providing services in the community, the authority may adopt rules consistent with accepted professional practices in the fields of psychology and psychiatry to specify other criteria for determining who is a person with a chronic mental illness. [1979 c.784 §2; 1987 c.903 §35; 2007 c.70 §208; 2009 c.595 §427; 2011 c.720 §164; 2015 c.461 §20]
Note: See note under 426.490 (Policy).
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Notes of Decisions

The entire statutory scheme of involuntary commitment provides adequate procedural safeguards which satisfies the requirements of due process and equal protection. Dietrich v. Brooks, 27 Or App 821, 558 P2d 357 (1976), Sup Ct review denied

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